The Featured Image might insinuate I play the piano but that would be something of an affront to those that do. I keep a rhythm adequately, and have a nice Gretsch jazz kit that my wonderful wife Karen bought me in lieu of a wedding ring, but there’s many a one liner out there about drummers thinking they’re musicians. Rather, I compose ditty’s on the keyboards with the help of computers and software. If I was to be pigeonholed, the genre might be likened to sci-fi movie scores. Some of it at any rate. The mp3 above is Sunrise. The Soundcloud icon links to my site where I have a few others. 


COTB Studio

Unfortunately at the moment, the studio is situated in my den at home whilst my drum kit is above the shop at work. To have enough space to combine the two in a jam friendly environment would be a dream of course but talk about 1st world problems!